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We hope you enjoy browsing around and meeting our colorful Super Hero characters. Each one is based on one of our creative team. Can you guess which one is which?


Dragonborn-Cosmetic Pearlescents

NEW! Cosmetic Grade


Cosmetic Grade Metallics Glitter
Cosmetic Grade Iridescents Glitter
Polyester Metallics Glitter
Cosmetic Grade Prism Glitter
Cosmetic Grade Mica Glitter

Cosmetic Grade


Cosmetic Grade


Cosmetic Grade


Cosmetic Grade


Cosmetic Grade

Mica Elements

Polyester Metallics Glitter
Polyester Pearlescent Glitter
Polyester Iridescent Glitter
Polyester Holographic Glitter
Polyester Fluorescent Glitter

 Boutique Glitters

Limited Edition Polyester Glitters

Eclipse Holographic Fireglow Metallics Exhibitions!  


Cosmetic Grade

Carnival Iridescent

Cosmetic Grade

Eclipse Holographic

Cosmetic Grade

Storyteller Metallics

  Carnival Iridescent Storyteller Metallics Jester's Effects  
  Fireglow Metallics Exhibitions! Jester's Effects  

 Boutique Glitter Collection